Proving In-Service Disability Connection: How You Can Use The Presumption of Sound Condition in Your Favor

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Though the term sounds complex, the presumption of sound condition simply means that “every veteran shall be taken to have been in sound condition when examined, accepted, or enrolled for service,” unless an illness or disorder is denoted on you entrance exam. The presumption of sound condition provides support for disabilities caused by military service, if the disability was not … Read More

Evidence of an in-service disease, injury, or event.

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If you read our post, What is In-Service Connection and Am I Eligible for Disability Compensation for My Injury?, you know that the second requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove that an in-service disease, injury, or event caused or aggravated your disability. But how can you prove this requirement? Evidence for an in-service event or … Read More

What is a Nexus Letter

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What is a Nexus Letter and Why is It Important for my Disability Claim? If you read our post, Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation, you know that the third requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove your disability was contracted or suffered in connection with your time actively serving in the … Read More

Compensation & Pension Exams

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Compensation & Pension Exams – What Are They and How Can They Help Me Get Disability Compensation? Often provided by the VA, a Compensation and Pension exam (C&P exam) is the medical appointment when a doctor assesses your current disabilities. From this appointment, a doctor will write up their findings for submission for your disability application. A C&P exam is … Read More

What a Pain in the Neck

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What a Pain in the Neck: When Diagnosis of Disability is Difficult and Options for Filing Disability Claims Based on Chronic Pain Anyone who has suffered with a chronic condition or confusing medical symptoms understands that being diagnosed is often not a simple process. The complexity of the human body can create an often frustratingly difficult pathway to seeking diagnosis. But … Read More