We won over in awards for disabled veterans in 2019

In July 2020, our clients who we helped received an average VA disability rating of 81.4% as an increase.

Our team of lawyers have a proven track record in dealing with the VA and helping veterans to win. Find the professional you need to help you win your claim!

Our attorneys are licensed with the VA. We make sure that they adhere to our strict policies for ensuring that veterans are receiving the best possible legal representation.

Our attorneys are presented with ongoing training opportunities so that they are on top of all the new legal and medical changes occurring with the VA. This means they will use that training in obtaining the best outcome possible for you!

Our attorneys have a proven track record of success. We have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for veterans just like you. Don’t become a statistic. Get the best! Get a Vet Defender Attorney Today!


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“I’m the supervisor of our support and intake center and it’s my goal to help every qualified veteran get the benefits that they need.”
Emily, Intake and Support Supervisor