In order to win a VA disability claim a veteran must prove that their current disability was caused by an event or injury in service. This means that a veteran needs medical evidence to establish a connection between their current disability and the event in service.
Service Connection Roadmap

increase rating

If you are already service connected but want to increase your rating, then you must demonstrate that your disability is getting worse and why it’s getting worse. This requires key medical evidence. Based on your level of disability rating you will receive monthly VA disability compensation.
Increase Your Rating

DIC Claims

If you are a surviving spouse and can prove that your spouse died from a service connected injury or disability then you may be eligible for DIC. This is true even if your spouse was not service connected for a VA disability while your spouse was alive!
DIC Benefits Guide (Death Benefits)


TDIU is a way to get paid at 100% even if your disability ratings do not add up to 100%. Our goal is to get every qualified veteran rated as high as possible. Learn more about how you can get TDIU by clicking the button below.
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Character of Discharge

If you were discharged under other than honorable conditions then you may be barred from receiving VA disability benefits. To overcome a bad character of discharge you need good medical evidence.
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