Why Vet Defender?

We are much more than a veteran service organization. We are attorneys who are trained to evaluate and assess a case from the beginning to the end. No simply filling out forms in the hope that you win. We strategize about a case from the very first time we talk. We're in the business of providing clarity—clarify on your legal issues, clarity on your medical issues and clarity about your future.

How does it work? We handle forms and filing and dealing with the VA… so long, red tape. All you need to do is answer our questions and provide us with the evidence we need and we'll do the (not so) fun part. We charge contingency fees. This means if we do not win you do not pay! We have vetted, VA accredited attorneys. Who said attorneys are intimidating? Many people did, so we spent a lot of time finding topnotch ones who are friendly and speak in plain English (yes, they do exist!).

We're also here to connect you to qualified medical doctors who can assist with your medical issues. You're never alone—our support center, and independent network of attorneys will take care of you all the way. Call, email, or chat if you ever need support (or a pep talk). Our pledge to you is peace of mind. We got your “6.”

Vet Defender is super kind and helpful. I trust Vet Defender with everything. Joseph P.
For a number of years Vet Defender and I have worked with the Veterans Administration (VA) on a service connected disability claim. I am happy to say that recently the VA notified me and the Vet Defender attorney, that indeed the disability claim does have merit. I believe this outcome would not have occurred without the compassion and understanding coupled with the practical and knowledgeable effort of my attorney. The entire office staff also needs to recognized for their commitment to these same principles. David S.
The Vet Defender Team has done a great job on my case. Very much appreciated! Robert A.

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