Evidence of Your Current Disability Requirements and Options

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If you read our post, Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation, you know that the first requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove your disability was contracted or suffered during your time actively serving in the armed forces.

For evidence of current disability, you must prove that your illness or symptoms are long-lasting and continually causing medical issues. This claim is critical to prove for attaining your disability compensation.

It should be noted, though, that you are not required to submit all information about your current disability. So long as the VA is subject to its duty to assist, then the organization must assist you in supplying evidence for your claim. In order to trigger this duty, you must at least make a statement to the VA about your symptoms.

Another important factor to providing sufficient evidence is that your disability does not require a specific diagnosis. However, the symptoms should be well-documented and medically reviewed for the greatest chance of claim success. For more information on when pain without a specific diagnosis qualifies as a disability, check out our blog post here.

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