What a Pain in the Neck

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What a Pain in the Neck: When Diagnosis of Disability is Difficult and Options for Filing Disability Claims Based on Chronic Pain

Anyone who has suffered with a chronic condition or confusing medical symptoms understands that being diagnosed is often not a simple process. The complexity of the human body can create an often frustratingly difficult pathway to seeking diagnosis. But if you are struggling with chronic pain from your time in the military without a firm diagnosis, you may still be eligible for disability compensation.

In 2018, a recent court case ruled that, without a medical diagnosis, pain is still a sufficient disability for disability claims, if it impairs your ability to earn a living. Because of these very recent legal developments, you may have not been eligible for disability before but are now.

In order to provide evidence of your chronic pain, however, you will still often need a medical professional to corroborate your symptoms, rather than a subjective statement. The medical professional will not need to state a specific diagnosis, but will need to support your claim of pain. If you are unable to afford a medical exam, then requiring the VA to provide one under its duty may be your best option.

For more information on triggering the VA’s requirement for providing a free medical exam, click here.

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