What is In-Service Connection and Am I Eligible for Disability Compensation for My Injury?


If you read our post, Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation, you know that one requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove your disability was contracted or suffered during your time actively serving in the armed forces. This requirement is referred to as the “In-Service Connection.”

The disability need not be caused during battle, but the cause must simply fall within the timeline between your enlistment and your discharge from service. The symptoms also do not need to arise within your time of service so long as you are able to pinpoint later-developed symptoms to your time in service.

To determine if your condition is service-connected, the VA will consider a number of factors. Specifically, they will weigh the type of service you performed, the history of your military branch, your medical documentation, and any other related evidence. The VA provides deference to the veteran and interprets the facts liberally, rather than narrowly, in favor of the veteran.

You should also be aware that it is the VA’s duty to assist you in proving your in-service disability connection. For more information on this duty, click here.

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