Compensation & Pension Exams

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Compensation & Pension Exams – What Are They and How Can They Help Me Get Disability Compensation?

Often provided by the VA, a Compensation and Pension exam (C&P exam) is the medical appointment when a doctor assesses your current disabilities. From this appointment, a doctor will write up their findings for submission for your disability application.

A C&P exam is different than a traditional doctor’s office visit because the doctor will not be providing you any treatment or medication. The sole reason for the exam is to compile evidence of your current disability for the VA’s review in connection with your disability claim.

Each exam varies by disability and symptoms, but you may be required to undergo mental or physical testing. This is normal procedure.

After your C&P exam, the medical profession will submit their findings to the VA, which often consists of your medical history, symptoms, and their opinion on your disability.

While the C&P exam does hold a lot of weight when analyzing if you are eligible for VA disability benefits, the exam is not the only evidence that will be weighed. If you are not happy with the exam report, you may submit evidence from another medical expert.

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