Gathering Evidence for Disability Compensation and the VA’s Duty to Assist You

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) has a legal duty to help you prove your service-connection for disability compensation. For more information on the service-connection compensation requirement, click here. Congress requires the VA to inform you about what information is necessary to prove your service-connection and to assist you in gathering the evidence required to prove it. The VA … Read More

What is In-Service Connection and Am I Eligible for Disability Compensation for My Injury?


If you read our post, Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation, you know that one requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove your disability was contracted or suffered during your time actively serving in the armed forces. This requirement is referred to as the “In-Service Connection.” The disability need not be caused … Read More

Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation


Aside from qualifying as a veteran under the Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) standards, you must prove that your injury or illness was suffered or contracted in connection to your service, to receive compensation. If order to prove service-connection, you must prove: 1. You have a diagnosed disability; 2. Your disability was contracted or suffered in the course of … Read More

Disability Compensation: the VA’s Most Famous Duty

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If you are a veteran eligible for disability benefits, then you will receive a monthly compensation based on your disability rating. In a highly politicized world, veteran compensation for disabilities acquired in the line of duty is one mission almost all Americans can agree is important. The line of duty does not end on the battlefield, either. Rather, it encapsulates … Read More

How Are VA Disabilities Rated and What Will My Monthly Payment Be?

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If the VA determines you are eligible for disability benefits (see eligibility requirements here), then your disability compensation will be determined through a schedule for rating disabilities. The schedule is determined by what the average civilian would lose in earnings due to the associated disability. The rating is determined “upon the average impairments of earning capacity resulting from such injuries … Read More