The Vet Defender Disability Law Group has one major commitment: to fight to get every qualified veteran a 100% rating. Since 2007, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of veterans throughout the United States. Our attorneys help veterans at every step of the way from filing first time claims to helping veterans reopen their old cases to appealing VA denials. Whether you seek service connection or an increase in your rating, the attorneys of Vet Defender stand ready to fight for you.

Our investment in technology and process management allows us to handle clients on a nationwide basis and to interact with the VA in a paperless system. The strength of the Vet Defender Disability Law Group is our unique and speedy process of handling and resolving cases. This begins with our strong attorney teams working in conjunction with our national veteran intake and support center. Our veteran intake and support center works hand in hand with our clients and attorneys in building the strongest disability case needed to win. Talk to an attorney now by calling toll free to 1-855-312-5575.

Contact us for a FREE consultation with an attorney and learn how we can help you get the veteran disability benefits you need and deserve. Our attorneys belong to the National Association of Veterans’ Advocates and are licensed to practice before the VA and the CAVC. Additionally, our attorneys are often asked to conduct conferences for veteran and disability groups and are routinely asked to speak to local community groups. State Bar organizations also recognize and approve the educational classes that the Vet Defender Disability Law Group creates and teaches to other attorneys. Because of our level of expertise, our educational courses are used to give attorneys the required hours they need for continuing legal education on the state level and for the Veterans Administration. If you would like one of our attorneys to speak to your group simply contact us at our email address. Learn more about our events and speaking engagements by emailing us at info@VetDefender.com

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“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”Abraham Lincoln

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The veteran is at an extreme disadvantage in dealing with the VA in many respects, and not only is forced to appeal & re-appeal many unfounded decisions, but needs major guidance in just getting through medical evidence case development. I came to Vet Defender with a complicated case and the assistance I received was first class with a favorable and timely appellate rating decision.

Being a Vietnam veteran, I feel that I was from the land and time that was forgotten. I have received the best possible legal guidance possible to favorably move forward with the final chapter of my case. This has not been an easy journey for me, and my medical conditions have become more challenging in the last year- for sure.

Based on what I have experienced and know, there is more than a great need out there for competent & readily accessible veteran disability appellate service!(and more attorneys in this business). I have also learned to hang in there and not give up. I realize that at the higher and appropriate level of VA decision-making, the medical evidence and real facts eventually will get sorted out and dealt with. Getting to that point takes major legal help and a lot of understanding. It is without reservation, that I highly rate and recommend Vet Defender.

I would add also how appreciative I am of Vet Defender’s outstanding service and perseverance.”

– Cliff O.