What is a Notice of Disagreement?

There are different types of claims at the VA. There are first time claims. There are reopen claims. There are appeals.

When it comes to the world of appeals there are also two types. There are appeals to the BVA and there are appeals to the Regional Office. An appeal occurs whenever a veteran files the appeal within 1 year of the date of the decision for the Regional Office type of appeals. To effectuate an appeal a veteran must file a notice of disagreement. This is a VA form that puts the VA on notice as to the date of the decision that is being appealed along with the actual disabilities that are being appealed. The date of the notice of disagreement helps secure the effective date of the original claim. It used to be that the VA would take any sort of representation of an appeal as an appeal, but with ever changing regulations an actual appeal must be on the proper notice of disagreement form or else the appeal isn’t perfected.

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