What is a Nexus Opinion

One of the requirements for winning a VA disability claim is the need for a nexus opinion. What this means is that a veteran needs to have a doctor say that the veteran’s currently diagnosed disability is more likely than not caused by a certain event or injury in service. This is known as a nexus opinion.

Such opinions can be gathered from a compensation and pension examination through the VA. However, the comp and pen exams often fail to provide the significant opinion that is necessary for prevailing in establishing the causation element of the VA disability claim. Conversely, an independent medical evaluation is usually a better option for veterans who are seeking precise and in depth analysis of a claim that can be used at VA.

We urge all of our clients to get strong medical evidence. The strength of the medical evidence is what makes the case strong or weak. To learn more about obtaining a strong nexus statement contact Vet Defender. You can set your own appointment by clicking the link: Schedule an Appointment.