What is a Nexus Letter

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What is a Nexus Letter and Why is It Important for my Disability Claim?

If you read our post, Three Requirements You Must Prove to Receive Service-Connection Disability Compensation, you know that the third requirement for collecting disability compensation from the VA is to prove your disability was contracted or suffered in connection with your time actively serving in the armed forces. In other words, a nexus between your disability and your time in the military must be established.

A nexus letter can help prove that your disability was caused or associated with your time in service.

What Is a Nexus Letter?
As alluded to above, a nexus letter provides corroboration between your disability and your time in the military. The letter is written by a medical doctor and you may submit it for review with your disability eligibility file.

What Should a Nexus Letter Include?
For a greater chance of disability claim success, a nexus letter should include:
1. a carefully crafted statement that confirms the medical professional has evaluated your medical history;
2. supporting evidence from previous medical records;
3. supporting evidence of medical claims; and
4. a conclusion that your disability is “at least as likely as not” to be caused from your military service.

Why is a Nexus Letter Important?
A nexus letter is a valuable support for proving the connection between your disability and service, which is a requirement for disability compensation. Disability compensation cannot be granted if you do not prove this connection requirement.

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