My mom, an elderly widow of a disabled veteran was so weary from the stressful two year dealings with the VA that she was ready to give up. But an acquaintance directed her to Vet Defender, a team of skilled advocates who immediately empathized with her ordeal and took over her DIC appeal. The Vet Defender team is very experienced and extremely knowledgable of the VA legal system. Within a few short months her Appeal was won. Her only regret is not finding Vet Defender sooner and saving herself from needless stress and frustration. She highly recommends you retain Vet Defender at the very onset of your application. These attorneys and their professional team know what they are doing.

If it weren’t for Melody I’d be nowhere. I think you all do a great job!

– Thomas.

Vet Defender has been great with my case. The process is good and in-depth. Staff is ecellent!

– Bruce W.

My experience with Vet Defender was above excellent. Melody was respectful of my situation and informed me every step of the way. Great people to work with!

– James F.

In the beginning, I was surprised with the willingness of your firm to consider me. I say that because I just finished dealing with a competitor, who took 6 weeks and then turned me down, for no real reason.

You were very thorough in going through the documents we needed to submit. Excellent attitude and attentiveness towards me.

– David S.

Action on my case is being handled quickly. My attorney demonstrates a lot of knowledge and experience. It’s been very good. I feel I am being kept up to date on everything.

– Gregg G.

It has been a positive experience with Vet Defender going the extra mile to answer my questions and explain how it was possible to overcome the obstacles I faced. Positive attitude, patient, good listeners, and very attentive.

– Charles S.

I would not have succeeded in getting my IU back without you. I can’t thank you, and your team enough! It has been a very trying time, these last few months, which just makes this victory all the more sweet! God is good!

Again, thank you! I will continue to send anyone your way that needs help and support navigating the VA system. You have come through for me twice now!

– Katie S.

Thank you for answering my 17 million questions and being polite and professional every single time we were in communication with one another. You helped me at a pivotal point in my life and I honestly cannot thank you enough. I’m really thankful for people like you who help vets when there isn’t anywhere else to turn. This is life changing for me.

– Chad M.

Good day, VetDefender! I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing for me! After years of dealing with the VA, I am finally getting some results, thanks to YOU! Your lawyer, Jason Mendoza, has been great and a real blessing to me! He helped me to get an additional 30% disability from the VA for a condition associated with donating a kidney to my son while on active duty. That gave me a total of 60% disability and guaranteed I’ll get paid additional money from the VA for the rest of my life.

Jason is working with me in regard to other claims (which are pending) to try to get me to 100% disability. I am so very grateful to Jason and VetDefender for all you are doing for me and other veterans! We need you and can’t do this without you! Thank you so very much!!

– Blake P.

The Vet Defender Team has done a great job on my case. Very much appreciated!

– Robert A.

For a number of years Vet Defender and I have worked with the Veterans Administration (VA) on a service connected disability claim. I am happy to say that recently the VA notified me and the Vet Defender attorney, that indeed the disability claim does have merit. I believe this outcome would not have occurred without the compassion and understanding coupled with the practical and knowledgeable effort of my attorney. The entire office staff also needs to recognized for their commitment to these same principles.

– David S.

They work hard to help their clients get the benefits they deserve. Everything that they are doing, they keep the client informed. They take time out to explain each step of the process. They work on behalf of the client.

– David H.

I have been working for years to get my case to 100%. Jason was able to get this done in a matter of seven months. He has worked diligently to untangle my case and get it back on track. He summarized exactly where every claim was in the process and what was needed to move forward. Jason provided strategic knowledge on what it would take to get me across the finish line. He tackled challenging appeal conditions and did not back down. He drafted a solid Notice of Disagreement supplemented with a strong legal letter. He also filed new claims on my behalf in which also helped me tremendously. Jason provided a sense of motivation and tenacity to keep dealing with the VA. I would highly recommend Jason if you want to win your case. I’d expect nothing less from a fellow former hard charging Marine. Semper Fi.

Thank you Vet Defender!

– Jeff M.

Vet Defender is super kind and helpful. I trust Vet Defender with everything.

– Joseph P.

Thank you for the legal assistance that safeguarded my veteran’s rights and brought my Veterans Administration (VA) disability claims to a successful conclusion. I would encourage other veterans to make the smart choice by calling upon the Justice Legal Group before filing their disability claims with the VA. Your office was very patient with me and helpful, assuring all required legal documentation was promptly sent to the VA without any delay. I realized it was no simple task to gather all the necessary evidence to support my claims. However, your office told me exactly what I needed to do and I listened. They guided me through the claims process every step of the way to ensure my voice was heard. Please accept my sincere thanks from a veteran who needed real time legal assistance.

– Lt. Col. (Ret) Bronis V.

To whom this may concern, my husband went through the VA system at least 3 times trying to get a service connected disability from his Marine Corps service. Mr. Standridge was his last resort because he wasn’t getting anywhere with the disability claim when working with veterans service offices or the VA directly. Mr. Standridge took the case and at least maybe 4 long years later, with a bunch of patience and perseverance and kicking it up the ladder he helped us finally win the case. We thank Yahwey and Mr. Standridge for this life changing victory.

– Doris & Kevin G.

Excellent service! After years of failure, they helped me finally get my benefits. I absolutely would refer anyone to them. I’m confident they would be treated with same professional attention as I received.

– Stanley A.

I served 26 years. From the first call to the very end of my claim and appeal process my lawyers worked tirelessly to get what I deserved. They are thorough, insightful and extremely knowledgeable with the VA process. Give them a call NOW, don’t wait. They will take you through every step of the process, keep you informed and help you succeed with your claim.

– Wayne W.

Vet Defender kept me informed every step of the way and explained in detail what each and every step entailed. They are outstanding! They were responsive to my questions both over the phone and via email. They responded very quickly also. I have told numerous veterans about Vet Defender. Telling them I highly recommend Vet Defender to them.

– Charles W.

I immediately liked the attorney. He was very attentive and had a great attitude that made me comfortable throughout the process.

– James O.

The attorney was prepared and put my mind at ease with her knowledge of VA. She was very attentive, and was prepared. Vet Defender runs a very good operation.

– James G.

Very helpful to break down the VA bureaucracy when filing disability paperwork. Staff is professional and shows they care by the way you are treated as a client.

– Bronis V.

I thank you very much for your excellent legal support on my case. I received a highly favorable decision from the BVA in Saturday’s mail. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten full justice from the VA.

I called your office just a minute ago, spoke to Emily & told her, when your schedule permits, that I want to personally thank you. BVA made good orders PLUS good remands.

– Cliff

They do great work and have been very involved with my situation. They work hard to get you through the process and help you.

– Charles W.

The Vet Defender team is fantastic! They always spend an adequate amount of time with me and answer all my questions and concerns. I can’t thank them enough!

– Sam P.

The veteran is at an extreme disadvantage in dealing with the VA in many respects, and not only is forced to appeal & re-appeal many unfounded decisions, but needs major guidance in just getting through medical evidence case development. I came to Vet Defender with a complicated case and the assistance I received was first class with a favorable and timely appellate rating decision.
Being a Vietnam veteran, I feel that I was from the land and time that was forgotten. I have received the best possible legal guidance possible to favorably move forward with the final chapter of my case. This has not been an easy journey for me, and my medical conditions have become more challenging in the last year- for sure.
Based on what I have experienced and know, there is more than a great need out there for competent & readily accessible veteran disability appellate service!(and more attorneys in this business). I have also learned to hang in there and not give up. I realize that at the higher and appropriate level of VA decision-making, the medical evidence and real facts eventually will get sorted out and dealt with. Getting to that point takes major legal help and a lot of understanding. It is without reservation, that I highly rate and recommend Vet Defender.
I would add also how appreciative I am of Vet Defender’s outstanding service and perseverance.

–Cliff O.

They are very patient and kind. Anytime I had a question they’d call. They’re great!

– Joseph

To get straight to the point, David Standridge is an outstanding lawyer. We could not have wished for a better one on our side.

Here is why:

  1. David did not shy away from a complicated case.My husband’s case was tricky. He had submitted several claims over several decades, and had lost track of their status. He had received nothing from the Veterans Administration except one denial after another. He was at his wit’s end and realized that he needed legal help.After researching the Internet, we had four names of lawyers on our shortlist. The first three did not want to take on his case. The prospect of winning was – in their opinion – too slim. Finally, the redemptive sentence came from David’s office: ‘Yes, we can help you.”
  2. David displayed a superior ability to work effectively under time constraints. When he took on my husband’s case, a BVA hearing had already been granted. There was not much time to process an immense amount of paperwork, which had accumulated over the years, and to prepare for the hearing. David’s performance at the hearing, however, was so exceptional that even the BVA judge paid him respect for his high level of preparedness.
  3. David’s communication skills were extraordinary in all aspects.
    • a) He demonstrated the remarkable capability of translating the often confusing jargon in letters from the VA into language that was easily understood.
    • b) He never left us in the dark about the next steps; instead, he proactively kept us informed.
    • c) We’ve also found him to be highly skilled in listening and quick to grasp the point of our concerns and our questions.
    • d) He made himself available to an impressive degree. His punctuality and promptness in responding to calls and emails was astounding. We received an answer to our questions the next day, sometimes even if the “next day” was on a weekend. Even the flu did not keep David away from getting back to us on an urgent matter!
  4. Last, but not least, David did not only work with his head, but also with his heart. We felt we had a human being on our side. His humor and optimism lifted our spirits, when we were utterly discouraged; he instilled hope in us, when we needed it. He helped us stay on track and guided us through the entire process with authentic confidence.

David is a jewel among lawyers who are willing to work on a contingency basis. He fights for wounded warriors against a difficult government agency. He does so brilliantly and compassionately. My husband and I were deeply impressed by his manifold skills and personality; we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had him at our side. And, yes – thanks to David, my husband got the 100% disability rating, he deserves.

– Monika