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We know that your concerns are important. Sometimes, a matter of days can make the difference between a claim that wins and losses. For that reason, we offer you the option of connecting directly with one of our attorneys immediately. Our attorneys are all VA certified and have extensive and years of experience representing veterans at every level of the VA disability process. Vet Defender utilizes our specialized and proprietary process to eliminate waste, hassle and unnecessary delays. From the very first time you have a meeting, our attorneys will analyze your case, identify the claims and issues and advise as to the proper method for achieving the best result possible in the quickest amount of time. While we have no control over how quickly the VA will respond, we can control how effectively we organize, analyze and create your case. We only have VA certified lawyers handling all of our VA disability cases. The case is evaluated by the attorney, handled by the attorney and argued by the attorney. We are more than a service organization. Our lawyers not only obtain VA certified status but undergo our Vet Defender training and education to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the law and handle the case in the most effective manner. Do not become a victim. When you need the best outcome you need the best lawyer. Call your attorney today!

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