The Requirement for Having a Current Disability

One of the requirements for obtaining a disability rating from the VA is that you have a currently diagnosed disability. This means you cannot rely on the fact that you had a disability ten years ago. Unless you have a current diagnosis then your claim won’t go too far. Moreover, you must have more than symptoms. You need a doctor to diagnose you with an actual disability. The difference is subtle but important legally. For example, if you are experiencing back pain you cannot obtain VA disability for back pain. Instead, if you are diagnosed with back pain arising from degenerative disc disease then you can obtain disability payments. This is because DDD is a disability as opposed to just symptoms. Thus, it’s important to have a current disability diagnosed by a medical professional if you wish to prevail in your claim for VA disability compensation. To learn more about VA disability contact Vet Defender and schedule an appointment. You can schedule your own appointment by clicking this link: Schedule an Appointment.