How to Prepare for a Comp and Pen Exam

A comp and pen exam is a necessary evil for many veteran. As part of the VA’s duty to assist, veterans who file claims are given doctor appointments to assess the validity of the claim. In the comp and pen exam the veteran can expect the doctor or medical professional to review a disability benefits questionnaire to assess the extent of the symptoms and whether or not the disability in question was caused by an event or injury in service. It’s important for the veteran to be aware and prepare adequately for the comp and pen exam. Here are three tips to preparing for a comp and pen examination.

A. Know what you are being assessed for. Not all comp and pens are conducted the same. You may have a pending claim that involves several different types of disabilities that you must assess. Know what you are being evaluated for. The last thing you want to do is go into a comp and pen exam expecting to be evaluated for PTSD but only to find out it’s to assess your sleep apnea. This is just an example of how confusing the process can be for veterans.

B. Know the symptoms. Read the regulations so that you are familiar with what the doctor is looking for. By way of analogy, you cannot play a football game using baseball rules. Likewise, you need to know the rules that the doctor will be looking at in assessing your disability. If you applied for a back condition then know what the range of motion measurements mean to your claim.

C. Play the part. This isn’t about lying. It’s about maximizing your opportunities. Everyone knows that symptoms wax and wane. They come and go. Some days are better than others. However, when you go to a comp and pen exam you need to identify the severity of your disabilities and your concerns. Even if you are having a particularly good day you still need to describe the severity of the symptoms on days when you do not feel so good.

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