Our Goal, Our Commitment

Our goal is to get every qualified veteran rated at 100%. This often means that we need to file new claims, develop more evidence or even build off of what has already occurred in a case. This is our commitment to each and every veteran. Over the years we have assisted hundreds of veterans in getting the benefits that they need and deserve. In doing so, we often look at ways to help veterans build off of what they are already rated for and see how we might be able to increase their rating. Some veterans start from 0% and go up to 100% and others are unable to get the full 100%, but in each situation and for each case we look to see how we might best position the veteran for the highest rating possible. This makes us stand apart from other lawyers, law firms and service organizations. While we cannot guarantee a 100% rating for every veteran, we can guarantee the best advocacy possible that will increase the opportunity for a higher rating. Let the experts of Vet Defender help you today. Contact our VA attorneys to get an assessment of your case. We often find opportunities where others fail. Schedule an Appointment.