The Importance of Medical Information

The key to prevailing in your disability claim is in the strength of your medical evidence. There are two primary ways in which a veteran can secure the medical evidence that is necessary for their claim. First is the comp and pen exam. Under the Veterans Claims Assistance Act the VA is supposed to assist the veteran is developing evidence in support of their claim. This means that the VA has a duty to assist. However, most veterans quickly realize that the comp and pen exams are less than ideal when it comes to medical advocacy. The benefit of the comp and pen is the fact that it doesn’t have a cost associated with it in contrast to the opinions of private doctors.

The other way to develop key medical evidence is through the use of a private doctor. A veteran can hire a private independent medical evaluator and have that doctor present testimony or evidence in support of the veteran’s claim. Usually private doctors are more in tune with the needs of the veteran but they also can be rather pricey and expensive. The key to success is the strength of the medical evidence. If you need help in developing your case more fully then contact the Vet Defender by clicking on this link and scheduling an appointment: Schedule an Appointment.