How to Increase Your Rating

Many types of medical conditions get worse over time. If you are a veteran receiving disability benefits from the VA, you have the right to request that your rating be increased if your medical condition causes your health to deteriorate.

Before you file for an increase in your disability rating, make sure you know what you can expect from the VA, and be prepared for both the best and worst outcomes you might face after requesting a disability rating increase. There are essentially 3 steps to take to help your odds of increasing your rating with the VA.

#1: File the appropriate documents. To seek an increase you must decide if your case is in appeal status or if you need to file to reopen the claim. After deciding where your case stands in the system then you can decide on what forms you need to file to seek an increase.

#2: Compile medical evidence. In order to justify an increase in your disability rating, your disability must have worsened. The VA will not just take your word that you are feeling worse you will need to compile medical evidence supporting your claims. This medical evidence must describe your symptoms and give a medical basis for why your condition is worsening and how it’s worsening.

#3: Keep seeking treatment. The VA often looks at continuity of treatment to ascertain the severity of your disability. Thus, we recommend to those veterans we assist that they continue seeking medical treatment until a decision is made on the request for increase. Thereafter they can seek treatment appropriately in line with their level of disability. Remember that an increase is based on how severe the symptoms of the disability are becoming.

We urge you to talk to the Vet Defender to find out more about how you can increase your VA rating. To learn more click on this link to schedule an appointment: Schedule an Appointment.