How to Find Medical Help for Veterans

The VA laws and regulations require qualified medical evidence in establishing a veteran’s right to VA disability benefits. How is a veteran to obtain this evidence? There are really three key ways of obtaining this evidence. The type of evidence you obtain depends on the issue in your case.

If your case requires a nexus opinion where you need a doctor opining on the cause of your disability or if you need a doctor opinion on the severity of your condition for an increase in rating then you must find a doctor to help you. One area that sometimes proves fruitful is asking your treating physician at the VA. However, VA doctors seem to be very apprehensive to supply such letters and, in our experience, usually do not write what is needed.

Another possible source for these letters is a private doctor covered by private insurance. Sometimes if you receive treatment outside of the VA then you might be able to get a private doctor to work with your attorney in providing a qualified opinion letter.

The third, and probably the easiest, way of obtaining this information is to hire an expert. These opinions are called independent medical evaluations. In IME opinions you usually find a qualified doctor who will render an opinion on your behalf after reviewing your records and speaking with your attorney. IME opinions can be costly but usually afford the veteran the best opportunity to win.

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