How to Hire a Private Doctor

As we’ve expressed on numerous occasions medical evidence is key to successfully prevailing in your disability claim. However, the comp and pen exams do not always provide an adequate basis for the disability claims you have pending. There are many criticisms of the comp and pen process, but due to their inadequacies, it may be necessary to hire a private doctor to provide the opinion and information that you need.

The three requirements for prevailing (proof of a current disability; caused by an event or injury in service; and severe enough in symptoms to warrant compensation), all center around strong medical evidence. The law indicates that you are not qualified to testify about your injuries because you do not have the required medical background to give a valid opinion. In looking for a doctor to hire you could rely on your primary care provider or treating physician because they know you and know your condition(s). If that is not a viable option then you may want to consider a hired expert witness. This is a doctor who is willing to review your records and speak with your attorney to ascertain the legal and medical issues of your case and then provide direction and opinion on what should be done.

In sum, the hired doctor becomes your expert and gives you an opinion that you can use at the VA to support your claim. We have relationship with doctors who assist our veterans that we work with. To learn more schedule an appointment with Vet Defender today by clicking on this link: Schedule an Appointment.