How to Handle a VA Disability Claim for a Back Injury

As with all claims, the first thing to do is start from the three basic requirements for a VA disability claim. First, a veteran must have a diagnosed condition. A lot of times veterans file a claim for back pain. That is not a disability. The back pain is a symptom of a condition. That condition is what needs to be identified. Is the condition degenerative disc disease? Scoliosis? Once a disability is identified then the veteran needs medical evidence that links the current back disability to an event or injury in service. This can only be done through medical evidence. Once these two requirements have been met then the third requirement is to demonstrate the level of disability by showing how the disability impacts on a veteran’s range of motion. The key to all of this is to secure strong medical evidence that can help support your claim.

In addition to the three basic requirements discussed it is also important to have what the VA refers to as continuity of treatment. This essentially means that a veteran should continue to seek treatment for the condition so that there is an ongoing records showing symptoms and severity of the disability. By combining these steps one can find success with VA disability compensation pertaining to a back injury. If you have a back injury and need help with the VA contact our disability experts and schedule an appointment. Go to this link and schedule your appointment today: Schedule an Appointment.