Heredity is transmitted from your parents through DNA. A gene is a region of DNA that contains instructions to make RNA molecules that code for other proteins. When genes are transmitted through the process of reproduction, they govern inheritance of genetic traits like hair color or blood type. The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international research effort to sequence and map all human genes, which are together known as the genome. Genomic medicine is the application of our rapidly expanding knowledge of the human genome to medical practice. VA uses genomic medical research to find new health care solutions and move those into Veterans’ care. One major area that precision medicine has had a major effect on is in the treatment of certain cancers, especially those found in the lung, colon, and blood. One of the areas in which VA already uses a genomics-based approach to provide care for Veterans is testing to confirm hemochromatosis, a hereditary condition in which iron builds up in the body. VA physicians also use genomic medicine to predict Veterans’ responses to cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and to help diagnose and treat breast, colon, lung, and other cancers. VA researchers hope to eventually use genetic information to determine the right type and dosage of antidepressant medication and other drugs for individual patients.

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