Comp and Pen Exams

Under the federal duty to assist found in VA law, the VA must assist a veteran in developing the medical evidence to establish a claim for benefits. While this sounds straightforward to most of us, the VA meets this requirement by sending veterans to a comp and pen exam. This is also called a C & P exam or compensation and pension examination. If a veteran fails to attend their comp and pen exam then the VA can and most likely will deny the claim. What can you expect at a comp and pen exam? Well the first thing is to keep in mind that the exam is NOT intended to treat you. The sole purpose of the comp and pen is to offer the VA a medical opinion on whether the cause of your condition/disability arose from your time in service or whether your disability is worsening. This is why the examination is somewhat different from most other examinations you’ve had. We help all of our clients prepare for their comp and pen examination by providing them a training video.

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