What to do When Character of Discharge is at Issue

A Veteran’s character of discharge (COD) must be under other than dishonorable conditions to establish eligibility for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits based on that individual’s military service. If not, then the veteran is barred from receiving VA benefits. However, there are multiple ways of trying to work around this prohibition. One such way is to work on getting your character of discharged changed through the military. Another way is to try and argue that the basis for your discharge was caused by a service connected disability. Of course to prevail on a claim such as this one must have competent and strong medical evidence in order for this legal argument to prevail. Character of discharge cases take time and are complex. That is why it’s important to discuss such matters with one of our expert Vet Defenders. You can schedule a time to discuss your character of discharge claims by clicking on this link: Schedule an Appointment.