Free Case Evaluation

You deserve the benefits you’ve earned. Don’t become a statistic. Know your rights and know how to fight the VA. The VA system can be challenging and complex. In February 2019 drastic legal changes were made to how you present claims. The law indicates that if you do not use proper forms your claim will be rejected. Whether you are trying to establish service connection or trying to increase your rating, it’s important to know the steps you need to take. Vet Defender is here for you. Our team of specially trained attorneys are ready to serve you and help you with your claim. Try your free case evaluation form. If you’re not ready to talk to a lawyer but want some answers, then this tool is for you! It’s free and will guide you through some of the basics to help you understand your rights. Of course, this form does not take the place of speaking with a lawyer but if you need quick and immediate answers then try our Case Evaluation tool.

Step 1

Contact a Vet Defender Attorney

Step 2

Complete automated VA forms with your Attorney at your appointment

Step 3

Develop necessary Evidence

Step 4

Attorney creates argument and necessary brief

Step 5

Wait for Decision