Are You a Veteran?

To receive VA disability, pay, you must meet several legal requirements. One of the initial requirements is that you must be considered a veteran. This seems obvious but when you start to analyze the legal requirements it becomes a bit more challenging. It’s easy to see if a person is a veteran if they have a DD214 and were honorably discharged. However, what about those who were not honorably discharged? What about those who were discharged under conditions other than honorable? What about those who were in ROTC or in the National Guard? There are many complexities involved in analyzing whether a person meets the legal requirements for being a veteran. Did you know it’s possible to obtain VA benefits even if you were discharged under other than honorable conditions? Of course, you must meet specific legal requirements. That is why it is important to talk to one of our VA disability experts at Vet Defender. To help analyze your situation try our interactive application. You can find our app about whether you meet the veteran status by clicking here.

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